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Shipping OptionsShipping Options

Shipping options to meet your needsShipping options to meet your needs

  • All-in-One
  • Repacking
  • Special Packing
  • Insurance
  • Send by personal name
  • Wooden Crate


All-in-One 750JPY

All-in-One is our package consolidation optional service to ship multiple packages as one package.
The fee is 750 JPY how many items from different shops you consolidate. More items you consolidate, more money on postage you will save.
There is no limit to the number of items you can consolidate.

Parcel consolidation can save in shipping cost!Parcel consolidation can save in shipping cost!

※If your items were delivered separately from a seller and you would like to consolidate them to one package, you need to pay the All-in-One optional fee.

※All-in-One does not include removal of invoices.

※If your items were packed to more than two packages due to the size or the weight, the optional fees will apply to each package.

Repacking 300JPY

We remove catalogues or packing materials that you don’t need and repack your purchase in an appropriately sized shipping box to save in shipping costs.

Remove catalogues or packing materials. Save more in shipping cost!

Special Packing 500JPY

Image:Special Packing

We use cushioning/filler materials to protect items such as fragile goods, precision equipment, computers, video games, pottery and etc.

※Special Packing is a precautionary measure and does not compensate the damaged items.

Image:Special Packing

Insurance The premium varies per shipping methods.

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You can apply liability insurance for losses or damages.

※The shipping methods which you can apply insurance for losses or damages are EMS, DHL, UPS.

※The only insurance that you can apply will be chosen by the courier who will decide the specific insurance for each shipping method.

※We will process the application of insurance and will not be liable for guaranteeing anything.


Send by personal name Free

Image:Send by personal name

The name of shipper on documents will be one of our staff’s name instead of our company name.

Without the option:Frontieremployment.,Ltd

With ‘Send by personal name’:Mr.●● ●●(Our staff’s name )

Image:Send by personal name

Wooden Crate 22,000JPY/1m3

Illust:Wooden Crate

Fragile items or precision equipment can be shipped safely with Wooden Crate. We recommend to use the option to ship vehicle bumpers, commercial rice cookers and etc.

Illust:Wooden Crate

Shipping costs comparison. If you ship three items that weigh 3kg each individually or if you consolidate them and ship as one package.Shipping costs comparison. If you ship three items that weigh 3kg each individually or if you consolidate them and ship as one package.

Without All-in-One
With All-in-One
Save even more with optional services!”Save even more with optional services!”
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